20 May 2014

yesterday's sketches

Spent yesterday running errands and Bill going to a new dentist. I spent a few moments sketching, this time using a Pentel Pocketbrush pen with its brush-tip.

This is one of many gnarled, bent live oaks we found in the small township of Independence. Seemed to have a distinct attitude in its stance! At the end of this post is a photo of Bill climbing into another one.
While Bill was at the dentist office, I ran some errands. Then had just a few moments to sketch in the waiting room before he was finished. This small vase on the shelf seemed like a good quick study.


  1. Omigosh, that tree is huge, and it's SO cool to see Bill up in it like a little kid! (I think my doctor has a vase just like that!)

  2. Isn't he fun? These trees are at Old Baylor University's womens campus, founded 1845, though I doubt the trees are that old.

    This week, not so much fun --- he had 2 very infected teeth pulled yesterday. But finally out of pain (he's put off seeing a dentist for too long, living with pain). Feeling better now and watching progress on his woodshop.

  3. Come to think . . . I remember noticing at the time that the tree Bill was climbing is divided into 3 separate trees. Looks like there was once a central tree that eventually died; these 3 old trees were "suckers" that grew at the edge of the original tree.

  4. Nice jobs. Is that a recent pix of bill in the tree? He must be doing well now.

  5. Yep, that's my Bill in the tree! He is definitely recovering and gaining strength. Just yesterday he grinned at me and said "my calluses are back!" In the nearly 44 years I've known the man, he has ALWAYS had calluses on his hands . . . until the heart attack stopped him in his tracks.

    Praising and thanking God!


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