14 May 2014

journal silliness

Some days nothing I try to sketch seems to work. I decided to draw our little kitchen as I sat on the livingroom couch . . . . It soon became apparent that nothing was lining up correctly. So I declined to add darker lines, wrote "wonky kitchen" and turned the page.

Then I tried a pencil sketch out of a tutorial book on drawing landscapes. Either the book is uninspiring, or it just isn't my style of working. I added the book to a pile to take to the used bookstore.

Then I really had some fun! Even though this sketchbook does not take to watercolor, I still use a page now and then to think through palette changes. I miss watercolor, can you tell?

After reading some recent posts on Liz Steel's blog, I found that she is going to a smaller "Bijou" type metal palette box. They are very hard to find these days --- I have one but was curious if any others were for sale on eBay. I ran across a different WC set, a square tin from Daler Rowney, that positioned a travel brush on the slant. DUH! I had once turned this Neocolor II tin into a WC set but did not like that my favorite travel brushes did not fit inside. But of course they DO fit . . . on the slant!

Another of Liz's posts mentioned her chosen "basic" palette. So I thought it would be fun to try to put her choices in this tin and call it my "Liz set". The pans are attached with thinly stretched poster tac, but rubber cement might hold stronger. Nothing thick or the lid does not close properly.

I do still need to spray-paint the inside of the lid a white enamel, the better to mix paint on. Click on the picture and I think the list of colors can be read.


  1. Think the landscape looks good. But sometimes things just aren't inspiring no matter what. Fun seeing your paint box sketch. :) I can tell you love doing those. :)

  2. Maybe the landscape was not inspiring because it was from a book, not real life?

    And I DO love playing with my paint boxes, changing the colors in and out and sketching them. I should stop playing with them sometime and really USE them, I think. ;^D


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