26 September 2017

a hiding Kat

This quick sketch is from Sunday, though I didn't take time to add color until this morning. Sunday evening was our "snack & yack" / movie night at church --- Kathleen (aka "Kat") saw me with my phone camera aimed at her and hid. I had the flash turned off so she thinks I did not take the picture!

This morning Bardie Mac and I are hanging out at our friends' double-wide trailer in the country. The tile guy is putting in a new stone tile floor in our cabin's bedroom and bathroom --- meaning there is no usable bathroom at the moment. And Bardie, being a very curious cat indeed, wanted to be in the middle of the work going on. Our old carpeted floor was ruined during the recent hurricane; we thought a stone floor fits a log cabin better than fancy Berber carpet.

No wi-fi here so I'm using my phone as a hot spot, seeing if it will work to post this from my old iPad 3.

24 September 2017

Autumn allergies . . .

The pastures of Wolf Creek Ranch across the farm road from our cabin are a glorious deep gold, surrounded by deep green oaks. Incredibly lovely to look at . . . and everything to sneeze at! The golden flowers are ragweed. Time for tissues and decongestants.

This two-page spread sort of evolved over a couple weeks as I focused more on sketches for next month's sale. I only added a bit here and there in my journal, mostly neglecting it. I'm hoping to get back to it on a regular basis now.

20 September 2017

Sammy cat, chickens, and friends

These four sketches are for the first set of notecards I sent to the printer's. The Turkish Van kitty is Sammy and yes, that _is_ his outside water dish, sitting on a picnic table! Brewster the rooster used to live at the Heritage Sunday House bed & breakfast --- he loved the innkeeper dearly but didn't like her guests so he's no longer there. The chickens and peacocks _are_ there for guests to enjoy.

2 more to become note cards

I think these two sketches, to be printed into note cards, complete my order for the printer. The sale event isn't until October 14, but I want to allow the printer plenty of time. I may do a few small additional watercolors to be sold as originals, but for now I can get back to normal journal sketching . . . I have neglected my journal these past few weeks.

17 September 2017

a spool coat rack and boots

These are two of the designs I'm using for note cards, to sell at an upcoming event in Burton, TX. Both images greeted us last May as we entered the Heritage Sunday House bed & breakfast; I knew when I saw those colorful boots all lined up that I would someday sketch them!

I also sketched the inn's resident cat Sammie, his peacock pals, the chickens Diane keeps, and Brewster, her old rooster. Brewster no longer lives at the inn, because he loved Diane but disliked her guests, but she sent me a photo of him. All of these were sketched to be printed into note cards but I forgot to take a photo of them --- I left them with the printer.

We tried a printing company in Bryan, TX (on a friend's recommendation) but they didn't get back with me for an estimate. So I looked on line and found Kwik Kopy, a small family-run business in Brenham. They seem to want to work with me . . . and their little shop also sells homemade fudge! Can't go wrong with that, right?

14 September 2017

chasing bubbles

Our pastor mentioned bubbles in a recent sermon . . . . so I thought I would try sketching some. Not as easy as I thought it would be.

05 September 2017

happy in my pen addiction . . .

. . . wonky sketch and all!

I read the quote from Brenda Swenson and wished to jot it down in my journal. Then I grabbed a fountain pen and started to draw some of my pens in mostly continuous line. Very wonky and not as loosely exciting as Brenda's drawing of some of her pens that was posted with the quote on Facebook --- It always amuses me that even when in trying to follow another artist's style, our own personal style always wins through.

02 September 2017

bluebonnet and rocking chairs

Two more sketches for the sale . . . . This being Texas, a bluebonnet is required, right? The inviting rocking chairs are located on the porch of Heritage Sunday House bed and breakfast in Burton, TX. The framed quote hanging behind the chairs sort of describes the innkeeper, Diane. Such an awesome, talented woman!
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