30 May 2014

progress on Bill's woodshop

After delays in finding a contractor (we finally found a great guy named Ed), waiting for him to have some free time, letting the pavement cure, and lots of rain -- we are finally seeing real progress on Bill's new woodshop. My first priority in house-shopping when we planned on moving to Texas was that there be a usable space for his woodworking. The Lord had other ideas with our ending up in this log cabin . . . and no woodshop. But with the cabin sitting on 3 lots, there was room to build one to Bill's specifications. He decided on a 20 x 30' building with a wrap-around covered porch he can also work on. I sketched Ed's employee, Joe, hard at work yesterday afternoon.

And this is how it looks this morning. Joe is a bit of a work-a-holic -- he stayed until dark last night getting this bit of roofing in place. That's him on the far left side, already busy this morning.


  1. Wow. Going to be a nice shop. My hubby would love it too. It's a guy thing. :)). Is joe working on this alone? Love that you sketched it and him.

  2. Oh and my hubby just saw it..gave it his seal of approval. Lol love that wrap around porch. :)

  3. No, Joe isn't working alone . . . except after everyone else goes home at the end of the work day! The guy is charge is Ed, but Joe is definitely a work-a-holic.

    I love the porch too! Bill hopes to attract other guys over to share a cup of coffee and chat.


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