18 May 2014

recent sketches

I was a bit bored as I sat in our bedroom the other day, listening to an audio book. Not that the story is boring, but my hands had nothing to do.

So I sketched the doorway into our kitchen. The dark log beam ceiling is a bit hard to capture. Beyond the butcher-block counter-top is our cabin's front door.
And I sketched a necklace that just came in the mail. It has a bit of plaid --- my favorite "color" is plaid! --- and says "Sassenach" on it. A derogatory term for anyone living south of the highlands of Scotland. My ancestors came from England and the Scottish lowlands, so I guess I am a sassenach.

The term means "Outlander", also the name of the series of audio books I am currently listening to as I wait for the 8th book in the series to come out next month.

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