12 May 2014

weekend sketches

Some random sketches from this weekend . . .

This old abandoned gas station is located near Old Baylor University women's building in Independence. I sketched it from a photo I took last month.

The following two sketches were drawn at church. I still feel intimidated to draw the people there, so I drew my bag. And later, a wee coin purse that was given to each mother present.

The middle one shows where the pages were tied into this hand-made journal, though I have yet to figure out the sewing pattern. The leather lace holds in five folios with stitches going through the spine of the leather forming the cover. The sketchbook was a gift from my son.


  1. Wonderful!! Love your handwriting. Your sketchbooks always look look like professional printed books.

  2. I sort of made up my own handwriting years ago . . . I preferred to print instead of write in cursive, but I did it too slowly. So I started combining the two.

    (Part of why the text looks good is because I use a cheat sheet: a darkly lined grid placed underneath the paper. Straight lines to write on! Learned that from Liz Steel when I met her in person.)

  3. I do the same thing with handwriting. I drove my teachers nuts in school.but it's just easier and it was my artistic self coming out. :) Great idea on the lined cheat sheet. It makes for a neater book. I have been trying to neaten up my artist journal I'm working on.you are my inspiration..no pressure here. Lol

  4. Oh dear, the pressure . . . ME inspiring you? ;^D

    Just as artists like Kate (Cathy Johnson) and Liz have long inspired me. We are given gifts to be used and shared with others. Enjoy inspiring new people while using yours!


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