22 May 2014

more lichen

While walking home from our neighbor John's house (after sketching the owl house), I picked up another twig full of lichen. At least FOUR different types of lichen in muted, earthy shades of red and green. After discovering that gouache works well on this handmade paper (as long as it is kept very dry), I took another try at watercolor, using it more like gouache. And it worked!

 I sketched the piece directly in gel ink, then used a regular graphite pencil to fill in the shadow. Next, I mixed a bit of each color with buff titanium, making the color more opaque. I kept all paint very dry and applied it with a light touch.

ink sketch in progress


  1. Till you finish your handmade paper sketchbook, you´ll discover how to paint in it in colors. Nice sketch! So many various types in one. Love the detailed lines and colors.

  2. LOL -- Too bad I've gone through over half the book before I begin to know how to work on this paper! The lichen is so lovely up close, even with my current bad eye sight (cataracts). I may get a magnifying glass to observe the details. Magical!


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