09 May 2014

Old Baylor University, part 2

On May 4th I posted a couple of sketches from Old Baylor University, the remains of the women's building. Today's post is from the men's side of the former campus, located in Independence, TX.

This structure is the old bell tower; all the buildings are now gone but the present park shows the outline of where they once stood.

This old well once served the whole campus. Even in Texas' current drought conditions, we could still see lots of water deep inside.

Baylor University eventually left this area, merging with the university in Waco, TX.


  1. Very nice sketches, Vicky! Love the various tones, do you sketch bright tones and dark tones with the same pen?

  2. Jana, I'm using Uni-ball Signo gel pens on this paper, in 3 sizes: size .28 to place everything lightly and for the distant bits, size .38 for most everything else, and size .5 for the darkest lines and shadings.

  3. Thank you Vicky! So you work with 3 pens of the same quality, but various sizes. It looks well! Again I've learned something new :) Thanks for sharing!


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