21 May 2014

owl house & breakfast

Last night we were sitting with our neighbor John on his patio. I had my sketchbook and was drawing this old owl house up in his tree.

Now he thinks I am amazing (Bill says he has a crush on me . . . John is in his late 80s) just because I sat there and drew in a book on my lap. He seems to think artists must work at drawing tables and easels in studios. I try to explain about the millions of sketchers out there in the world, but he just shakes his head in disbelief.

His owl houses no longer house owls --- he hasn't been able to climb a ladder to clean them out for years --- but now and then a squirrel will stay for a while. Squirrels chewed the edge of the door hole a bit.

Jeff came to visit for a few days; this morning we ran errands in Brenham and took Jeff out for breakfast . . . at John's favorite cafe hidden behind the train depot.

Their service is so quick I didn't have time to draw more than a quick continuous-line of a few of the items on the table. We know we are in Texas when this includes hot pepper sauce and a jar of pickled tabasco peppers.


  1. What a lovely story and sketch! Looks like you´ve lived there for ages! Love bird houses, I had four of them in apple trees :)

  2. This IS a very "homey" place, in the country with lots of birds and wildlife, yet with good neighbors.

    How lovely to have apple trees!

  3. Love the owl house and the story... Nice he thinks you are amazing.we think so too. :))

  4. How sweet of you to say so -- thank you!


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