28 June 2012

magnetic bookmarks

Because my new sketchbooks (not finished yet) are made all the same size from various sized papers, I ended up with these strips of watercolor paper. Mikala and I folded them to make bookmarks, attaching magnets to the inside lower edges. We used business card magnets, as suggested by Shirley's June 22nd post on Paper and Threads.

The two cat toys (the purple and green mice) were inspired by Andrea Joseph, whose sketches we were both admiring at the time.

27 June 2012

day trip with Mikala

Bill took Monday off and we headed out of town with Mikala, looking for adventure. The Eisenhower Museum in Abilene had a Girl Scout exhibit -- Mikala is a Scout -- so we thought she might enjoy that.

The exhibit was not much to see, though Bill always enjoys the World War II exhibits. I love this old  house that Eisenhower grew up in, still at it's original location. (Instead of moving the house, they moved the rest of the neighborhood to build the Presidential Library here.) Later, leaving the museum, we planned on eating lunch somewhere . . . and couldn't find any restaurants. We drove a different way on the way home, through country roads, and nearly got lost. Still couldn't find a restaurant. Who knew there were actual towns in Kansas with no eating establishments???

Fun day anyway , . . . lots of giggles. Mikala-time means lots of playing games and crafting. I haven't had time to finish my new sketchbooks, but there a still a few pages left in this small Moleskine.

24 June 2012

clearing Jeff's room

Jeff has moved out of his college dorm and into a studio apartment in Houston. He wants some of his old bedroom furniture taken to him -- his brother Jason will be driving up here this week, so I cleared out some of the things for Jason to take to him.

While clearing out the dresser, I found this wee toy gun -- what funny memories! It was given to Jeff as a baby when we and our 4 kids flew to Arizona. It was tucked into the diaper bag and forgotten about . . . . . until we went through security to fly home. The security people looked and looked through the bag but could never find the suspicious object the X-ray machine said was in there. They finally gave up and sent us on through. Later, we realized it was this tiny gun which had been lodged down deep in a pocket.

Last page spread of this sketchbook. I'd better get the new covers made . . . .

18 June 2012

weekend with Mikala

Our son-in-law and eldest granddaughter are visiting from Texas -- Michael plays in the golf tournament held over Father's day every year. Mikala spends part of the time with her other grandparents and part of the time with us. This weekend she was with us --- we made paper bracelets and origami, and played LOTS of games. Now she is with Michael's parents, attending Junior Golf camp with her cousin. She is an amazing player for only 9 years old -- so competitive! Then she will be with us again next weekend.

Just before coming here, Michael, Kristen, and Mikala spent a week at Disneyworld, where the Cheshire cat and Perry the platypus joined Mikala's collection of friends.

14 June 2012

new rehab project

This may be a bit more work than I expected . . . . (click on any photo to see enlarged)

I won this vintage Winsor & Newton paint palette on eBay --- It seemed similar to Winsor & Newton's 16 pan set I would love to have but can't afford. Buying and re-enameling this one would cost less. But now that it has arrived, I can see that it is larger than the 16 pan set, seen here. I plan on cleaning it up, inside and out (Bill's dremel will be getting a workout) and re-surfacing with enamel spray paints. But the inner flap will be left as is -- I like the old metal label, which reads:

WINSOR & NEWTON'S                                   

I don't know how old it is, but all of the half pans inside are ceramic -- only one is broken. Porcelain pans were sold c. 1880-1920, according to one online source. The typical half-pan shape are from Winsor & Newton, and have "W & N, LONDON" impressed on the bottom. The squarish pans are from Reeves and say "REEVES SCHOOL QUALITY, MADE IN ENGLAND" underneath.

I'd like to remove the inside framing to allow full sized pans -- not sure how difficult that might be. If they are welded in place, I might have to just bend the dividers down flat.

Most of the cakes still have vibrant color, though they are very hard cakes and require a bit of scrubbing to release the paint. I'd really love to know this palette's history and age. I've seen a photo of an almost identical tin used by Winslow Homer in the late 1800's -- the only difference was whole pans instead of half. It was called a "Japanned Tin Box" as this one is.

13 June 2012

Tuesday's sketching

Humidity levels have dropped so Ceilidh and I sat out on the porch yesterday. I sketched this chair while sitting in the porch swing Bill made to match the chair.

Later Bill wanted to buy some cookies; I'm avoiding most grains but I treated myself to part of a candy bar --- I've been really good at eating better the last few weeks, in spite of the vertigo. I lost 6 lbs. in three weeks, twice the amount I plan to lose per week.

I've tried eating healthier for quite a while, but without seeing any weight loss. Until my doctor told me to download the "Lose It" app to chart food and exercise each day. Seems to help a lot.

12 June 2012

"wait and see"

I was a bit dizzy in the waiting room for my MRI, but sketching seemed to help . . . . as long as I didn't move my head much. So feet seemed a good subject. I wanted to capture the way this lady had her hands gripping her cane, but as I got to the hands, someone handed me paperwork to fill out.

The MRI results showed everything "normal", so I'm to finish the meds I'm on, then wait and see. If they took care of whatever is causing this, fine. If not, I'll be seeing a vertigo specialist in Wichita --- I didn't even know they had specialists for this!

I sketched this with a Tombow pen that is drying up, then added watercolor later at home.

11 June 2012

Ceilidh on the job

Having a recent problem with vertigo, I've been spending a lot of boring time laying still in bed. Better than the world spinning around me, I guess. We rigged up a way for my very short Scottie to get up on the bed with me if she wants to by moving an ottoman in from the living room.

I also used my journal to record when each attack of vertigo happened as well as the current meds I'm taking to lessen the effects. It will be helpful this morning when I go in for an MRI.

01 June 2012

finding pennies . . .

For about 12 years I have been finding pennies wherever I go -- when I least expect it. Today, while walking Ceilidh, I found a nickel and 2 pennies; none of them were close to each other.

It has become a sort of private joke between me and the Lord --- His "wink and a smile" to me, reminding me that He loves me and has blessings planned for me.

(all images on this blog can be seen a bit larger by clicking on them)
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