21 January 2010

playing in my journal, 20 Jan.

I drew this cross from a photo found inside an old Eden's Bridge CD.

I've long been fascinated with Celtic crosses. Seemed a good excuse to try another of Daniel Smith's iridescent watercolors -- this one is duochrome desert bronze. I also used a bit of burnt sienna and sepia.

(The quote is from a book I am currently reading; I often scribble down thoughts I want to remember in my art journal.)

01 January 2010

testing for future use

Up to now, I have kept a semi-regular blog on Live Journal (Vicky's Journal). But eventually, I think I will be switching over to Blogspot, since I already belong to several Blogspot groups. I like the option of selling art that is available on Blogspot also -- maybe I'll try that in the future.

But for now, I am busy illustrating a children's book for a daughter-in-law, sewing a vintage-style teddy bear for a grandchild's birthday, and playing nanny to another new grandchild in Texas this spring. Just a tad busy for learning new tricks at the moment.

I usually sign paintings "vickylw" and use that for my Flickr site name as well as my LiveJournal address. But that has already been taken on Blogger. So has "vickywilliamson". So I'll go ahead and lock in an available address while one is still available.

Meanwhile, please visit my Flickr or LiveJournal sites -- I'd love to hear from you!
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