04 May 2014

a doorway leading . . . nowhere

(I often use reverse pages for unrelated note taking)
On one of our recent drives in the country we came across the original site of Baylor University in the tiny township of Independence, Texas. Founded as a co-educational campus in 1846, male and female students were separated by a creek, nicknamed by male students as the "River Jordan". This old stone doorway is in a restored column front of what used to be Baylor's female building:

I'm using Uniball Signo gel pens, size .28, .38, and .5


  1. Very nice sketches, Vicky! I am surprised, how you can sketch without color, only pen and ink, and it is really very lovely... like as if it was your favorite style :)

  2. LOL! Definitely NOT my favorite style! Still feeling my way around, learning how to do it.

    I miss watercolor, but I am stubborn . . . need to fill this sketchbook before starting a new one. Except for the tiny wildflower sketchbook which is in my purse at the moment.

  3. Oh wow. At first sight I thought this was a book you bought with art work in it. Nice pen and ink work. Very professional looking.

  4. Goodness, Cris --- thank you! Maybe I'm looking at my ink drawings a bit too critically? I still don't feel very confident yet.

  5. Yes you are being to critical. My husband looked at it just now and said it look like an old book with illustrations. :)

  6. Tell your husband thanks for the encouragement! I'm telling my inner critic to shut up.


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