05 May 2014

waiting for paint to dry . . .

I woke up this morning realizing that my brother's birthday is only 2 days away. Arggh!

I always paint a card for him. So this morning I grabbed a recent photo I had taken of a cow down the road from us and began. Paint sure dries slow when I need to hurry.

But eventually I did finish the card and it is in the mail. (I don't think he even knows I have a blog, so I know he won't be seeing this.)

the finished card, portrait of one of our new neighbors


  1. He is going to love this card. Bet he waits to see what you do each year. :) wonderful job. Hubby said so too. :) he grew up in Montana and saw a few of these.

  2. It's wonderful! He'll be delighted...

  3. Thanks, Cris and Kate!

    My brother and I have a strange relationship . . . in that he chooses not to have one at all. I began making these cards for him about 8 years ago as a way to "connect". He has never responded to me, never talks to me . . . But mom tells me that he saves each one and tells others about them.


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