28 May 2014

a little urban sketching

Bill had a doctor's appt. yesterday. While he was there, I went to the grocery store for dog food and coffee.

When I returned, I had about 10 minutes left so I did a very fast ink sketch of the clinic, "ala Liz Steel". (I am amazed at the speed in which she puts drawings on paper! I tend to be slow.) A bit of gouache was added later at home.

Test results show Bill's cholesterol levels are great. The new cardiologist did not like his previous levels and had doubled his statins. But when we later tried to refill the Rx, our medical insurance would not pay for a double dose.

Bill went without the drug for over a week, then went back to the lower dose. He also greatly cut back the amount of simple carbs he ate (especially bread) and began walking 1 1/2 miles a day. Obviously that has made a larger difference than the silly drugs.

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