15 May 2014

twigs, moss and lichen

This past week has brought thunderstorms through our area, breaking off bits of the local trees. I picked up a couple of broken twigs during a walk yesterday, wanting to sketch the odd moss and lichen growing on them.

Both types grow in abundance on the trees here, but I am not familiar with either one of them. I've been looking for a field guide of moss and lichen but have not found one as yet.

I especially like this tiny lichen that grows on metal boxes and rocks as well as tree branches. An odd shade of pale gray-olive green, it looks a bit fey.

I'm really a bit bummed this morning . . . I declined to accompany Bill on his morning walk because I woke up with a slight sinus headache. He returned, saying he ran into FIVE DEER walking down the lane we walk on.


  1. Beautiful, Vicky! My favorite is the twig with moss... Admire, how you are so organised in everything. Now I read that also in writing! Lovely and very inspiring!

  2. I learned today that the moss is "ball moss", and that neither it or the lichen are harmful to our trees. Good to know, since I love having so many trees in our yard.
    I'm not really very organized in my head or daily life; just in my journal. Sometimes.


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