31 May 2014

an early birthday gift and books

My birthday isn't until mid-July, but yesterday my gift from Bill arrived by post . . . all the way from Scotland! He gave me a sterling silver ring, an open-work design of Celtic knots with tiny wee thistles between them.

He had given me a choice of gifts: this ring I saw on-line or the upcoming semester of Danny Gregory's Sketchbook Skool. Very difficult decision, given the quality of teachers! But I think he secretly wanted me to choose the ring.

(Drawing my right hand when I AM right-handed isn't easy, but I didn't want to take it off.)

Bill has been reading an e-book on my Kindle but prefers holding a real book in his hands. So we went to our local book store, The Book Nook, where a sale is going on.

We took in 5 books for trade; we came back with 9 books and 2 freebie give-a-ways. Several items not sketched are for the "grandkid zone" in the loft. All our grandchildren are book lovers and I want to have some for when they visit.


  1. Oh I would have picked the ring too. its more lasting. You have worked with Cathy in person anyway. altho a couple others also look interesting in that Skool. :) fun sketches here.

  2. I have also sketched in person with Liz Steel, another of the amazing teachers in the Skool, and I have wanted to learn from Brenda Swenson for a long time. Very tempting! But, like you said, the ring is more lasting (and half the price!)


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