07 May 2014

Mother's Day cards

I painted these postcards as a way of sharing a couple of our roses with mothers back in Kansas and Arkansas. Popping them in the mail today . . . neither my mom or our adopted mom in Arkansas are on the internet, so I thought I'd go ahead and post these. Happy Mother's Day to each of you!

Five of our roses in bloom, shades of coral, white, yellow and pink.


  1. Love those cards. So will they. I hope you are putting them in an envelope to mail. They are to special to get ruined as postcards. I take it the roses were there already. Fun seeing what comes up for the first time in a new house. I was standing in our back yard a couple months ago thinking that our yard was so Boring and the chickens probably ruined everything and now I look out and it's exploded with color and beauty. I forgot what was there. Always a lovely surprise come spring. :)

    1. Yes, they were in envelopes.
      These were already planted here and we had no idea what color to expect. There are still some small trees and a lily-like plant that we have not identified. Seems the former owners focused on things that attract birds and butterflies, but there are also 7 rose shrubs in all --- my favorite deep red is in the back of the cabin.
      Always fun to see nature renew itself each spring -- God knew how to stage a dramatic change!

  2. Thanks Vicky! The cards are so beautiful!


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