28 September 2010

Sept. sketchcrawl

We drove to Excelsior Springs, MO on Saturday to join others for a sketchcrawl with Cathy "Kate" Johnson (Bill enjoys getting out of town and reads instead). Arriving early, I sketched Olde English while waiting for others to arrive. This is the gallery that handles Kate's art.

I had barely sketched it in pencil when others began to arrive. We had planned on meeting at the museum, but found it locked. Thought we could move next door to the art gallery but it also was closed.

Planning to sketch Ray's Diner, we moved down the street and set up across the street. People asked if there was a parade coming, seeing us with our portable chairs lined up.

We had just barely sketched in the details (only John had actually moved on to watercolor) when it began to rain. The plan was to head to the Mercantile later for a bite to eat and time to share our sketches with each other. We just headed there a bit earlier than planned and continued sketching while waiting for our food.

Obstacles don't slow us down much; what a great group of friends, new and old, to get together with! Kate & Joseph, Christiana F. & her daughter Beth, John P. & his wife Wilma, Jeanette S., Bambi, Connie, Keith, Bill & me.

I added ink and watercolor later on at home. Good time to remember all the fun we had!

24 September 2010

final pages

Tomorrow I'm heading to Missouri for a sketchcrawl with friends. There were only a few pages left in this sketchbook, and I didn't wish to carry 2 books tomorrow. So I stayed up to finish this book's final pages.

First I tried to draw Beorn Bearcat sleeping on the ottoman before me. His paws were all tucked up underneath and he looked settled for the night. Of course, as soon as I started this sketch, he moved.

Then I was hungry . . . . so I sketched a late-night snack before eating it. Didn't add milk until I was finished drawing -- I hate soggy cereal!

Then I remember these incredible apples Bill brought home from work today. Someone brought them in from their own tree at home, but no one seemed to be taking any --- maybe because they are mostly covered with brown spots. But they taste WONDERFUL!

18 September 2010

another Christmas stocking

With Josiah's arrival in January, I need to sew another Christmas stocking for us to hang in December. But great procrastinator that I am, I've been putting it off.

In fact, I still need to finish Quen's stocking and he is now 4 years old! Shameful, I know . . . . I've used the excuse that he is never here for Christmas morning anyway. (Matt & Misty always spend it with her folks instead) Horrible attitude, right?

So I am now determined to do what's right and have all four grandchildren represented on the mantel, whether they are here in person or not.

Quilting is not my favorite thing to do, but I have loved crazy-quilt with embroidery embellishment since my grandmother made me a crazy-quilt corduroy jacket when I was 8 years old. (Click on photo to enlarge, twice for even larger view)

Each stocking has a photo printed on cloth of the child as a baby. Then I also add charms that fit that child's personality as they mature. Note the gameboard and domino buttons on Mikala's --- she is a fierce game player! Her's also has a wee seashell from a day we spent at Galveston with her, sewn on the other side.

14 September 2010

recent shopping

I absolutely detest shopping! Even more so when it comes to clothing --- nothing ever seems to fit me. However, yesterday's shopping was actually good! Something my friend Ginger calls "anointed shopping"!

Receiving a 30% coupon in the mail for a Wichita shop, I went looking for walking shoes and maybe a long skirt. Ended up with shoes, a wrinkly shirt, a long skirt with matching sweater, and a corduroy jacket.

As the salesgirl began ringing it up, I pulled out the coupon --- she pointed out the fine print that says it's not good until the 15th . . . . but she gave me the 30% off anyway, not wanting to call the manager over to void the purchase!

Later at a bookstore, I found a copy of Gwen Diehn's "Real Life Journals" --- used up a birthday gift card on it. Fun book!

Sunday wasn't so bad either . . . . Bill and I checked out an antique mall in a nearby town, where I found a tiny gift for my mom (she collects Boyd's figurines). And found a $4 long skirt at Goodwill.

Had a good laugh after buying groceries Monday . . . . wild Canada geese were S L O W L Y crossing the drive, making drivers wait for them. Should have taken time to sketch them!

11 September 2010

sketching a movie

As I began to watch Lord of the Rings last night, I decided to freeze the screen and do a sketch or two --- something I saw British artist and fellow sketcher Anita Davies do recently on her blog.

Until a storm came through, ending my movie watching for the evening.

10 September 2010

artistic funk

At least that's what it seems like. Nothing I attempt to paint lately seems to work out. (Wicked itching from a bad reaction to insect bites might be one cause --- very distracting, to say the least.)

I wish I had had a chance for formal art education but I didn't. Sketching comes easy for me, but I would like to grow as an artist --- to be able to paint "real" paintings as well as ink & wash illustrations. I have tried several landscape studies from art workbooks, following along with step-by-step demos. But none were near anything I'd like to post.

Today's journal entry really is not related to the quote written on the opposite page --- that was simply a quote from a book I finished reading a few days ago. But it seems to fit today's entry in a strange bit of synchronicity.

05 September 2010

a mega cuppa tea

Maybe I'm just too lazy to use a teapot, though I have a couple of cute little ones.

Bill installed an instant-hot tap in our pantry, near the tea stash (a little shelf full of tea varieties). Even when using loose-leaf teas, I prefer to just infuse it right in my really big mug, then remove the infuser.

This mug even fits in a cup holder in the car, allowing me to take it along. I'm so glad the days of excessive heat seem to be behind us now . . . I missed my daily hot tea.
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