25 March 2013

Springtime . . .

. . . accompanied by the latest snow storm. The Kansas prairie seems to be conspiring to encourage Bill to move to warmer parts of Texas when he retires.

Actually, he has already acknowledged that we WILL move to Texas sometime in the future. After raising our 4 children here in Kansas, all four have settled in various parts of Texas. Now, with 5 grandchildren born there, it seems only natural to move there ourselves. Bill resisted the idea for a long time, loving Kansas, but it looks like the Lord has changed his thinking lately.

(Honest!!! I have stopped talking about it to him myself, learning to be thankful for our being here at the present. So it must be the Lord's doing . . . )

18 March 2013

addicted to reading?

Lately, I can't seem to put a good book down. Maybe since being told I have both glaucoma and a posterior cataract, I appreciate my eyesight more? Books have always been my good friends, but lately I can't seem to stop reading . . . . even to sketch.

While in Houston recently, our daughter Kristen (who has real library room!) loaned me some new books to read. I also purchased a couple of new audible books for my iPod, to listen to during the long drive. Helps to pass the many miles.

13 March 2013

granny-nanny journal


I spent the past week in Texas, helping to care for three of our grandchildren while their daddy took a group of students to Alaska. As wonderfully capable as daughter-in-law Carrie is, it's hard to be in more than one place at a time --- The boys' daycare is in one direction, Jayna's school in another, and Carrie's workplace in a third direction. Plus the laundry, dishes, etc. that Jason usually takes care of.

Keeping up with three small children truly eats up time! I had forgotten how much. I had planned on sketching our grandchildren in this small journal (purchased on eBay from Cathy 'Kate' Johnson), but ended up only capturing a few of their toys --- drawn while they were at school and daycare!

(click on any picture to see larger)

 Josiah and Judah love throwing these angry birds across the room . . . . and playing the games on iPads or iPods. Ages 3 and 1 1/2, both are quite proficient at electronic games.

At the end of the week, Jason came home bearing many gifts, including three snow bears and a book telling their tale. Also, a mug for me made of marble.

Jason teaches physics at Fort Bend Christian -- the high school sponsors mission trips all over the globe each spring during "Eagle Week". Kids work with needy children, paint and roof buildings, and many other public service works --- the Alaska team helps set up for the start of the Iditarod dogsled race among other tasks. Students unable to raise funds for the trips spend the week working on service projects at home in Sugarland, Texas.

07 March 2013

evening out with friends

A few weeks ago, we met friends in the small Flint Hills town of Florence, KS --- fantastic steak! As it should be, having been cooked by actual cattlemen, at the Merchantile.

The restaurant is open on a limited basis, owned and run by a large ranching family. Only one item on menu: really good steak! (They also offer chicken for finicky people) -- plus old-fashioned goodies as hors d' oeuvres, home-cooked sides and dessert.

The small town's water tower boasts that their water is 99.96% pure spring water.
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