31 January 2016

another challenge . . .

Just for fun on Friday, we took a drive . . . and ended up exploring the Waller Rustic Furniture store.

Great place to shop . . . if you are a cattle baron or hit it big in oil. Expensive! But some really lovely pieces of wood with turquoise inlays, leather, and horn.

I drew two tables for the next EDM challenge.


  1. Ugh, why is that always the case? Antique shops and custom furniture shops are high dollar. I suppose one is to maintain the high value of the antiques market, and the other is because craftsmen need to eat. Texans do love their rustic furniture, lol. I would not at all mind owning that copper shaded lamp. We bought 2 leather sofas last year from Gallery Furniture (I'm pretty sure you've heard of it by now - Save You Money Mattress Mack) and he is even top dollar now, $4k for both! We received an $800 shopping credit, so we went back to get lamps. How many do you think that bought? TWO and they are lucite. I'm not even guessing how much the lamp you sketched cost! lol xoxo

  2. LOL -- I've even been to Gallery! Many years ago when they were giving away free basketballs. That lamp was my favorite as well. I think it cost around $400 . . . but maybe that was just the shade and there was an additional price on the base. Many of their lamps are priced separately like that.
    Expensive, yes, but everything seemed of top craftsmanship.


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