01 February 2016

a turquoise day

Lately I seem to be drawn to all things turquoise. Wearing a favorite Mexican peasant skirt at church yesterday (it reached over 80 degrees -- sandal weather!), I then drew the necklace I was wearing . . . then a quick sketch of my new favorite purse that Bill gave me for Christmas . . . . I have even gone back to using an old hand-thrown turquoise tea mug!

I love the John Singer Sargent quote on the upper left page, found recently online: "You can't do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh."


  1. Turquoise is such a perfect color! It cheers me on! And an 'old' turquoise something just looks grounded... like it has been your companion for a long time. I no longer wish for 80 when it should be much cooler... and raining. We had an odd year last year and a drought is no longer a fun idea. Enjoy your days! Thinking I need a turquoise - or cobalt teal (what is the difference???) skirt to wear to church this summer now.

  2. Turquoise seems magical somehow, doesn't it?
    I think cooler days are on the way; especially for us as we finally make it to Arkansas to help move some elderly friends to Kansas. It's definitely winter up there!
    I found this skirt at the first Bluebonnet Festival we went to just after moving to Texas, held in Chappell Hill. Lots of interesting, unexpected things there!
    And what IS the difference between turquoise and teal? In watercolor they look so alike! In these sketches, I was trying to capture the subtle differences in the bright skirt, earthy-color mug, and grayish undertone in the bag.

  3. Vicky, this is one of my fave pages of yours. Love that you are sketching you sketching. The gorgeous turquoise color just adds such a "patina", lol. xoxo

  4. I've done the "sketch of me sketching" thing before __ an idea stolen from others on Facebook__ but the turquoise is what was really fun here. Didn't think of it until doing my skirt.


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