12 January 2016

Grandma Williamson's girlhood china

The next Everyday Matters drawing challenge on the list is to draw a teapot. Rather than draw my daily use teapot or kettle, I chose to draw Bill's grandmother's toy china. The teapot looks a bit more like a coffee server in shape, but I'm calling it a teapot anyway. These mis-matched bits of hand-painted china rimmed with gold leaf were probably old when Grandma received them to play with as a young girl. She grew up to have only sons, followed by mostly sons in the next generation. Which probably explains why these are in such good shape.


  1. Beautiful sketches, Vicky, and I love the doilies! How fun it must have been for Bill's grandmother to play with such beautiful pieces.

  2. Gwynn Krempasky14 January, 2016 16:45

    So pretty1 You've captured the delicacy of the china. Also love the doilies. Those seem as if they would be hard to draw!

  3. Thanks! I used to crochet so the doilies' structure comes easy enough, using a white gel pen. If you look closely, the main areas are slanted mesh (simple cross-lines). Things like this look complicated but are really quite simple.


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