05 January 2016

revisiting old challenges

I began keeping sketchbooks in May of 2007, after reading lurking a long time  on artists' websites (especially Cathy Johnson's!) and reading "Everyday Matters" by Danny Gregory. Tentatively I began in pencil (erasing was a safety net) doing the Everyday Matters challenge list.

I am now in sketchbook #52 but somehow never got around to finishing that challenge list . . . So I've decided to complete the 2nd sketchbook where I left off, then finish the list in my current book.

I drew "what keeps me warm" before church Sunday --- amazing how warm these ceramic heaters are!

And the next on the list? Something I've been putting off: finishing the challenges of course!

I'm about to run out of room on this wall shelf that Bill made to hold my sketchbooks. It's on a wall in my cabin loft, where my "studio" is.

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