22 January 2016

EDM #293 - something made of glass

Going a bit out of order on the Everyday Matters challenges as this is the last toned paper of my current journal and I wanted to try to draw the items against the oyster-colored paper. These items remain on our book shelf after other Christmas decorations were put away.

The card was designed and printed by Macy, daughter of friends of ours, and I love it! The wee glass angel was harder to capture than I thought it would be, a gift from another friend.


  1. Been catching up on your posts, Vicky. Had to chuckle about your going to HEB. We didn't get a Buccees until last year and they are just now breaking ground finally on a local HEB. I've lived here since 1959 yet never been to one. And they are famous in Texas. Hope you are back home now from moving your friends. Stay warm! xoxo

  2. Since moving our daughter to Texas in 1997 (to her first post-college job), we have gone to HEB for entertainment -- so many varieties of produce, cheese, etc. that we couldn't find in Kansas! When we decided to move here (after all three sons eventually came here), we determined to choose a town with an HEB!
    Frustratingly, we have not even made it to Arkansas yet. Never make plans with info from two people dealing with differing degrees of dementia! The trip has been changed three times . . .


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