18 January 2016

a sweet splurge, sketching breakfast

Last week we had lots of errands to run in Brenham with getting the car inspected and our new registration, dropping off used books at The Book Nook (and buying a couple more, of course), picking up some groceries and switching to the pharmacy at HEB (of course it would help if I had remembered to bring our prescription info -- duh!) . . . and we took time for breakfast at the new Czech bakery. Not the healthiest choice, given that neither of us are eating much bread these days, but so yummy!


  1. Wonderful sketch! The cinnamon roll looks good enough to eat! How long did it take you to sketch this? There is so much detail. I really like the toned paper.

  2. The initial pencil sketch, maybe 30 minutes. Inking in and adding color later (with a photo on my iPod), another hour or so (I wasn't really paying attention).


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