23 January 2016

a couple more EDM challenges

Continuing to do Everyday Matters challenges as we wait to drive to Arkansas. The trip's scheduling has been changed several times . . . the latest due to our friends' house buyers rescheduling, not the fact that our friends are dealing with various levels of dementia. (Note to self: don't trust info coming from a person with memory issues!)

I sketched this night scene (EDM #292) from a random photo found online.

EDM #294 is to draw something that makes me happy. Great timing, as I just received a new pen and some nibs in the mail -- I love testing new art supplies!

I saw Ronnie Tucker's YouTube video on making a Flexi Fountain Pen from a cheap JinHao $3 pen. So I ordered this one and a box of flex nibs.

Unfortunately, this is not the model pen shown in the video and the nib doesn't quite fit. In the comments section, someone said the pen in the video is model X750 (also cheap; I just ordered it as well).

Meanwhile, I am amazed at how smooth the original nib in this Lamy knock-off pen writes! It even has a bit of flex -- enough to make pale lines as well as bold ones. And the pen is cheap enough that I can let our grandkids use it! They are always wanting to use my more expensive fountain pens but I don't let them because a pen's nib becomes adjusted to one person's usage. Letting others use it changes the nib's ability to work as smoothly.


  1. Wow, you could give each grandkid their own pen at those prices! Where do you buy? Blick? Jetpens? Amazon? I use a disposable pilot varsity so am only asking generically, because it sounds like a good vendor. I have ink and nibs and holders, and have yet to break them all out and play. I've read your replies to my comments by coming back, so got wise this time to check the follow-up box, haha. I'd written that I had hoped you were back because of this big snowstorm, so if you haven't even left yet, that's just as good. Arkansas is Hell in an icestorm, my parents got caught up there in one in 2011. Anyway, I know it must be frustrating. Will keep you in my prayers for resolution. And your art is as always fabulous. xoxo, Aimeslee

  2. I usually check Amazon first, it being easy to add something to a regular order (we buy cat food, vitamins, etc. from them), but these I ordered from JetPens -- very quick delivery, free over $25. When I found that I had ordered the wrong model of JinHao, I ordered the correct one from Amazon but it won't be here till next month.

    I have one "real" nib holder, an antique from Bill's grandmother that makes great lines. It's just not convenient to take with me.

    We were caught in ice and fog on the back roads of Arkansas once --- a memory not soon forgotten!


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