08 January 2016

more EDM challenges . . .

. . . and the last in this particular sketchbook, begun in 2007. I don't like leaving sketchbooks unfinished --- this was one of two dedicated to the Everyday Matters drawing challenges. I have not finished the list yet but the rest will be in my regular journal as I get to it. Items on the list are good for days I want to draw but don't know what.

And, yes, my "draw something colorful" is a palette . . . What else could it be?

On Christmas Day we made some clove-studded oranges with three grandchildren. I just wish I could have captured the orange's texture and "glow". Not sure how to do that.

We never use this waffle iron --- Bill prefers pancakes over waffles, and we are both trying to avoid most wheat products right now. (He asked me if I was going to draw the dust.)

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