14 January 2016

a barn-raising in Round Top, TX

The weather around here has been a bit gloomy lately, lots of clouds and a bit of rain. So when Tuesday turned out to be full of sunshine we went for a drive. Ended up in Round Top, TX which was pretty well closed, it being a Tuesday. This tiny town is a major attraction for antiquers and interior decorators --- shops are normally open from Thursday or Friday through the weekend to accommodate the out-of-town shopping traffic. Twice a year they host a couple of weeks of antique and collectible shopping with campers, tents, and RV's covering several square miles.

We just went for the view anyway although if Royer's Pie Shop had been open I might have enjoyed a piece. Driving around Henkel Square, we found a new barn being built. So Bill parked the truck nearby and I sketched. This will probably not be used as a barn but as another shop. Workers were also working on setting up a windmill near the building.


  1. Hello, Vicky. Just thought I'd post a comment. I subscribe via email and read every post and admire every sketch. I've been very interested in your moving saga. Stayed up late one night and read back through your posts, lol. I live off I-10 about 30 miles east of Houston, so I have enjoyed your observations about our Texas, your sketches and your bible journaling as well. I am lazy about commenting but just know there are those of us out here happily lurking and lapping it up. lol xoxo, Aimeslee

  2. Thank you so much for commenting, Aimeslee -- what an encouragement! I myself am guilty of reading other's blogs and not leaving a comment; there's just so many interesting things out there and not enough time.
    And I love this state of Texas and her wonderful people!

  3. Hi Vicky, I just found your blog. I love your sketches and will be a regular follower


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