07 January 2016

more EDM challenges

For "draw something shiny" I tried something more challenging: the subtle shine of sea shells done with gouache which can look a bit dull in its opaqueness. Not sure if it worked.

Since I drew our nearest downtown less than three weeks ago, I didn't really want to do it again. I seldom enjoy drawing the same thing more than once (OK, except for art supplies maybe?). So I fudged a bit and printed a copy of the previous sketch into this sketchbook. Greatly reduced in size since my current journal is much larger.

And what loves the sun greater than a cat? Especially my Bearcat in the winter. After all, it's down in the 50's here! A very damp 50's. (no sympathy from those experiencing real winter weather, right?)

And finally, draw a shirt . . . so I drew two shirts seen in church last night.

I posted these photos the easy way, using my iPad, which means they don't enlarge if clicked on in Blogger. I still haven't figured out a fix for that. But when I post journal pages with more text, I will go back to using a real camera and computer so they can be enlarged for those who like that.


  1. I love these pages, Vicky. Did you use gouache on Bearcat and the shirts as well? The fur and intent expression on your cat are fantastic. Did you do the Somerville sketch on location? I love the detail.

  2. Yes, I used gouache on all three of the new drawings, along with two brush pens. One brush pen is filled with Lexington gray ink; some of the gray tones are this ink, some are gouache.
    I drew the Somerville downtown on location (from our truck parked across the street) for December's "virtual sketchcrawl" on Facebook. On the third Saterday a group of us go out individually or with friends, anywhere we want, to sketch on site, then share them on Facebook in the Artist's Journal Workshop group.


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