24 October 2016

weekend sketches

Thanks to our friends Jonathan and Tay, who were unable to use their tickets, we went to the Celtic Thunder concert in Houston Saturday. Awesome music! While we waited in line, an elderly man in a kilt waited in front of us. I drew him and the group's name on this page but nothing else that night --- it was dark and I was enjoying the show. But afterwards, I added loose sketches of the guys from Internet photos. 

Then I drew this bit in church Sunday morning . . .


  1. Thank you! (That was kinda accidental)

  2. Very nice. Not sure I'd have the courage to start drawing in church!

  3. I'm usually jotting down notes or scriptures anyway, so the pen is in my hand. As I listen, it just sort of gravitates towards drawing something mindlessly; I stop to jot something down, then continue drawing and listening. Not really much thought in the drawing part.


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