01 October 2016

Mikala's volleyball game

Today is the beginning of the Inktober sketch-in-ink-daily challenge . . . . and Bill and I are busy cooking and planning for his men's group meeting tonight. I began this sketch Thursday during our granddaughter's game but quickly added the figures today from photos I had taken. Even from photos, it is VERY hard for me to capture people's likenesses, especially when drawing directly in ink without pencil or eraser! Drawn with Noodler's Lexington gray ink in both a Lamy XF nib and a brush pen.

These are the cast of characters for my ink sketching challenge this month: 2 Kuretake brush pens, a Uniball Signo white gel pen, a Noodler's Konrad pen, 4 Lamy's, a Hero m86, and a Sailor Fude de Mannen. Inks include both water-resistant and water-soluble in gray, browns, a mixed shadowy- purple-brown, and black.


  1. Hi, Vicky, your ink work is great... You did it without using a pencil...? I am trying too, but it is not easy for me at all, I prefer not to post it :), and I always find myself with pencil... Admire all ink sketchers!

  2. I drew the girls directly in ink from photos; earlier, I drew the team logo and name using pencil guidelines before the ink. So sometimes I use pencil (erasing after the ink dries), sometimes I don't. Depends on how much time I have and my mood. Whatever works is fine!


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