10 October 2016

a muji palette conversion . . . failure?

Today's Inktober ink sketch is just lines with watercolor, but I tried drawing lines with this dip pen instead of a fountain pen. The bottle of Platinum Carbon Black ink I used is getting low, making it very hard to actually dip a pen nib into!

Inspired by Ed Mostly's handmade pocket palette. I tried to make one like his. The deeper size business card box was easy to find on Amazon. Instead of using white contact paper to line the inside, I spray-painted the inside with white enamel paint. But I had no luck finding the white plastic strips Ed used to form divisions in his palette. Hobby stores near us don't have the 'strip styrene' or anything like it. So there I left it . . . until discovering that used Winsor & Newton 1/2 pans fit the box perfectly. Other brands of 1/2 pans are a bit too large.

While 18 pans fit easily, they make the box's catch mechanism hard to open, so I will probably remove the potter's pink and one of the greens, leaving a gap in the center front. Maybe a small sponge could fit there instead. A plus with this palette is it is extremely lightweight!


  1. As a sucker for mini palettes (snicker) would you please share the link to the pans on Amazon.

  2. I made a live link in the text above (click on the word "his") to Ed Mostly's palette conversion. In his blog post is a live link to the Muji card box -- I'm not sure it will work as a live link here:
    The empty half pans you can find on Amazon are too large to fit this box. I used the empty used pans from old Winsor & Newton or Cotman sets I had from years ago -- their half pans are slightly smaller in size. I save all used-up pans and refill them from my favorite tube paints, usually Daniel Smith.
    You can buy Winsor & Newton or Cotman half pans at most art supply stores, or buy inexpensive Cotman half pan sets and reuse the pans in this palette box.

  3. Thank you Vicky. Oh I have a lot of Winsor and Newton half pans I can use in the Muji palette and I'll use Yupo paper (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AJ541UQ/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_7?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3G2RBEZBLAJ53) in the lid for mixing.

  4. Looks like a success to me! Although, I would hate to have to remove two colors from an 18 pan palette. But the sponge is a great idea!

  5. I did love how orderly the 18 pans looked! But taking 2 out stops my struggle to open the thing --- the pans blocked part of the clasp.


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