17 October 2016


I drew my shoe while jotting down a couple of notes at church. It was simply what was in my line of vision so why not? After church we went to H.E.B. for a few groceries --- I walked all over the store in these same shoes. We drove home and, as I stepped out of the truck, I stepped down onto the gravel . . . and walked off of my shoe! At least the bottom half --- the top half was still on my foot. 


  1. This happened to me at church a few weeks ago while I was walking around after morning service, greeting the brethren. Took a step forward with my left foot and the sole of my shoe did not follow. Miraculously, I had a pair of sandals in the car. I changed and was back to greeting the brethren in no time. Why "miraculously"? Because I never keep a spare pair of shoes/sandals in the car. You can bet I keep a pair now.

  2. How funny! The Lord does supply --- as a friend says, "Jehovah-in-the-nick-of-time! He must have made sure those sandals were available when needed.
    I was thankful mine waited until I arrived home, not having a spare pair.

  3. We both had miracles. "Jehovah-in-the-nick-of-time" I love it.


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