09 October 2016

HOA yearly meeting

Today's ink sketch for Inktober was actually begun yesterday during the yearly meeting of our home owners association. Our lake community of 32 properties share a common well; yearly dues pay for the well water and upkeep of our private circle drive. We are currently dealing with the repair of the drainage ditches --- the heavy rains of the past two years caused erosion, bringing much of the sandy soil on the top of the hill down to the bottom of the hill (where our cabin is located). Yet, for the first time since moving here, they did NOT push for a rate increase, for which we are grateful.

As the people began to arrive in the large garage we were meeting in, I began to draw them in pencil. Today, I inked those marks in, keeping it as simple as the original pencil lines. Then tried a few touches of a waterbrush, but the J. Herbin Lie de The ink did not spread much, even though it is water soluble.


  1. Great sketch, Vicky, I can imagine being there! Love especially how you captured the little one!

  2. Watching that little boy is why I began drawing this scene. He was adorable!

  3. Thank you! I sort of scrunched the poor guy in the upper left into a too-small chair . . . or perhaps he is too big?


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