19 October 2016

my bags are packed . . .

. . . and I'm ready to go. Actually, I have arrived. I tried earlier today to post this but ran into glitches all the way. For some weird reason, we have internet at home for browsing and doing things online; we just can't upload or download anything. So I tried posting this using the Blogger app on my phone; it allows me to type in two words but closes when I try typing in the next word . . . every time.

I'm only at our eldest son's home overnight, helping them taxi the kids to and from school tomorrow. They attend school in another town from where they live, in the same district that their dad teaches. But he will be elsewhere tomorrow and their mom has to leave much earlier, in the opposite direction, to get to her job in Houston. So I'm granny-nanny for the day.

Only one tote bag needed, of course. But the smaller bag contains art supplies -- if it doesn't rain, maybe I can get some sketching time in.


  1. Granny-Nanny-Artists always have to have two bags for an over-nighter. : ) I love your sketch.

  2. Hardly anything in the larger bag; lots of options in the art bag!


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