12 October 2016

Inktober bowl of rocks

Today's Inktober sketch: a bowl our son Matt made in high school filled with rocks I picked up on our walks. I especially like the red jasper. The dark brown rock looks like a chocolate no-bake cookie!


  1. What interesting finds! I wish you luck with the ditch and culvert repair. Water problems are the worst. We have been dealing with similar flooding issues for over a decade and can't seem to get them properly resolved.

  2. The the workmen seem to know what they are doing according to my husband who has run this type of equipment before. Our small cabin is at the low end of the hill here; previous bad ditch work by residents caused much of the sand from higher lots to wash down into our 3 lots. It also washed out my herb bed and threatened the rose bed when rains were too heavy to run off quickly.
    Thankfully water never got in our cabin, though it came on our patio this past spring.


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