08 October 2016

coast laurel oak tree

Something has been eating leaves off one of our oak trees, a small semi-evergreen variety. Wishing to sketch some acorns on a branch, I discovered the wee blue green caterpillar that's been feasting. Then I found a couple of odd fuzzy balls growing on another branch. Larger than the acorns, when we cut one in half it had a fruit-like center. Curious!


  1. Hi, Vicky!
    Nice sketches. Love little bit of color in your ink sketch.
    The balls? I think it might be oak apple, made by oak apple gall wasp.
    It is used for home made ink, and as well as I know you, you will try to make it :)

  2. I've come to the same conclusion regarding the galls, also known as oak apples. Cool idea to make ink with them --- I don't know how though.


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