14 October 2016

a church in Giddings, TX

We had some extra time after eating before going to see Macy play volleyball earlier this week, so we drove around exploring this small Texas town. Across from the recently restored courthouse we found an old Presbyterian church with a beautiful steeple shining in the bright sun. Literally shining, due to it being covered in galvanized tin!

Years ago, when we owned our own plumbing business, we used to go on "get-away-from-work" trips to various small Kansas towns. A game we used to play is "guess the denomination" of old churches by the architecture --- it was usually quite easy, as each group tended to choose similar styles of their own. Not so in Texas! We can never guess the denomination by the architecture here. We would have guessed Lutheran for this building; the Presbyterian buildings we grew up around were always built of stone.

Here's the two-page spread in my sketchbook.


  1. I love those old country churches.

  2. I do too! So much more character than modern designs.


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