16 October 2016

Inktober continues . . .

Bill and I keep our vitamins (and his meds) in week-long containers. As I was refilling Bill's container, I thought I might as well sketch them. Sort of a continuous line drawing that wasn't always continuous.

Three years ago Bill's cardiologist said he'd be on drugs the rest of his life following his heart attack. The heart surgeon who operated disagreed, as does our current doctor: only a baby aspirin, plus vitamin B6 and hawthorn berry to control blood pressure. The only prescription shown here is a statin, which is questionable as to whether he actually needs it.


  1. A successful still life, Vicky! And successful reducing of medication... Wish you to be healthy and sketch a lot of nice still lives :)
    Love the yellows and the light on the neck of the big bottle.

  2. We were both surprised at how well the hawthorn berry and B6 works! And very thankful Bill doesn't require all those meds.
    Blessings to you, Jana!


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