28 May 2016

sketching at church

Wednesday evening I tried drawing a couple of friends at church --- capturing a likeness of friends and relatives is always hard for me! Maybe because it's so hard to put their personalities on paper, maybe it's simply a fear that the person being drawn might be offended.

This didn't get posted earlier due to unreliable internet and phone signals. We have recently had torrential rains here in central Texas. Our own cabin has remained above the flooding, though there was a 'river' running through our patio at one time.


  1. Your drawings are wonderful! I too am afraid to draw friends and family for the same reasons. Great Bible verses!

  2. The pastor was speaking on God's love but was sort of 'all over the place' with comments and stories. So I randomly chose Bible verses that fit what he was saying.

    I don't think either of these two friends have noticed my sketches -- one is not on Facebook or knows about my blog; the other has been distracted by recent things in her life. So I'm safe for now!


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