16 May 2016

variations in green

Even though the best greens are made by mixing other pigments, I still like to have a few greens in my palette for convenience. That said, I still 'tweak' tube greens before adding them to a sketch. I thought it would be useful to make a chart in my journal of the variety of greens made from adding one other pigment to each of those I sometimes have with me. I can then keep a photo of this page on my iPod for quick reference.

The cleanest, brightest greens come from mixing phthalo green with other colors; in fact, my sap green is actually phthalo green and quinacridone gold. So I could easily stop carrying the other greens with me. If I chose only one other, it would be Serpentine genuine. All these paints are from Daniel Smith, though I've found just about any artist quality phthalo green to be the same.

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