23 May 2016

church doodles and 2 new toys

Facebook can be full of temptations, at least in the private sketching groups I belong to. Like most sketchers, I love seeing the tools that other artists use. Recently someone wrote about a miniature fountain pen they were trying -- I didn't know they even made mini fountain pens! I've always had a love of small things. I tried both out on these church doodle pages, along with a Uniball Signo white gel pen.

I was ordering a bottle of ink from Jet Pens anyway, so I bought two very cheap minis -- the Pilot Petit 1 and Jet Pens Chibi 2. Both pens' nibs write amazingly smooth for such cheap pens, at least on this Strathmore toned paper in my journal. The Pilot Petit 1 has less line variation, but it can be converted into an eyedropper pen to hold more ink. There is a how-to video on the page link.

I prefer the Chibi 2's line variation and finer line, which does not really show well on this darker paper. I got a Monteverde mini converter to use in this pen after the cartridge it came with is used up. Very tiny supply of ink and the converter seems a bit flimsy, but the barrel contains a few 'air holes' that prevent it from becoming an eyedropper pen.


  1. I love this! I do church doodles, too. And I love my normal sized Preppy fountain pen. Does the mini-Preppy hold a full sized cartridge? I just may have to invest in this cute little pen! Thanks for sharing! love your blog and sketches.

  2. Neither of these are Preppy pens (though I guess Pilot makes Preppys?), and neither take full-sized cartridges. You can click on the name of each pen in the second paragraph to go to Jet Pens' info on them -- once at their site, click on the specifications tab. Each came with a cartridge but I will turn one into an eyedropper pen and found a comparable converter for the other. Thanks, Fay!


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