21 May 2016

a furry visitor

While our youngest son is finishing up his geologist degree at Steven F. Austin University, his furry friend is visiting us. The final 'class' is field camp -- over a month of camping in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Studying the geology in places such as the Davis mountains, Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon . . . (yes, I'm a wee bit jealous -- does it show?)

Meanwhile, his cat is visiting us for a while. Named Mist for her foggy, misty coat coloring, she is a rescue cat that is part Maine Coon, part unknown. Because of her shorter legs & tail and general round shape, I've wondered if she is part Scottish Fold or British Shorthair. She decidedly does NOT like other cats; she has taken over our bedroom and bathroom, while Bearcat (who would very much like to be friends with her) has the livingroom, kitchen, and loft. So far peace reigns.


  1. I love the effect you achieved for Mist's fur, Vicky. Bearcat is very sweet for allowing her to come in and take over part of the house. I hope the peace lasts!

  2. Mist's coloring really does bring to mind the look of dense fog -- very unusual. I feel sorry for Bear because he truly wants to be friends with Mist and all she does is hiss at him. He's a very gentle-natured friendly type who loves spending time with others, whether cat, dog, or people.
    It's almost as though he shakes his head in confusion as he walks away from her.


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