14 May 2016

Cretacolor WC pencil play

Quite some time ago, just after we moved to Texas, I had a 'splurge' day at Jerry's Artarama in Austin. Among my purchases was this fat watercolor pencil containing 4 colors. For some reason, I never got around to playing with it . . . until this week.

It is actually a lot of fun to sketch with! I like letting go of color expectation, allowing the color just to happen. And the subtle effect of just touching a damp brush to singular areas only. I added watercolor to the flower blossom in the upper right corner just to see how that worked; I also added watercolor in the sketch of the pencil and sharpener.

My favorite is this quick sketch of Beorn Bearcat, with just a hint of green watercolor added for his eye, plus a bit of black ink for the pupil.


  1. I love this playful sketch of your Bearcat. You captured so much expression in his beautiful face. I read in a previous post that he may have kidney failure. I'm so sorry to hear that. One of our dogs suffered with that. I love how he crossed his paws in that photo. Our Sheltie Emma does that. We've had six Shelties, and she's the only one that has.

  2. Bearcat seems to be doing a bit better since being switched to a special food for kidney issues, for which I am thankful. He recently started to jump onto our bed again (high mattress), so he seems stronger. He hadn't been able to jump that high in recent months.
    He tries to look so dignified with those paws crossed, usually doing that when company comes and he wants to sit with us, listened to the conversation. But he really is a very silly, clumsy clown!


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