01 June 2016

an etegami kit

It's been a busy non-sketching few days around here -- family time and some other business to take care of. But I did put together a ready-to-grab kit for etegami, an old Japanese folk art of posted paintings with words. Included in the kit is Debbie Davidson's 'how to' book.

I decided to get a small set of gansai paints for this kit. This set comes in a cardboard box, so I included the lid from a mint tin for a paint mixing area, though mostly paint is applied directly to paper without mixing. Instead of a line-drawing brush and sumi ink, I'm using my Pentel pocketbrush pen. I don't have a hanko (a personal signature stamp or 'chop') so I've been drawing it on with a red pencil or pen.

This denim cover, copied from one found in a library book (I think by Claudia Nice), folds up into a neat package. I like being able to grab it and go. Quick little hand-painted postcards are so much more fun to send than purchased greeting cards!

And typical of me, I first tried out the paints when they arrived by a journal entry.


  1. I love the idea of Etegami and your kit is beautiful!

  2. I especially like etegami's rule of mistakes being good! Just to draw and enjoy a bit of line-making with no pressure to "get it right".

  3. This looks like a fun kit and a fun style of art-making. You mentioned that you don't have a chop; how did you learn what yours looks like?

  4. I don't use a traditional Japanese figure for a 'chop' signature; I've been playing around with various ways to draw my own initials in a box form. Haven't settled on one design yet.


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