09 May 2016

my shrinking Bearcat

Beorn Bearcat is shrinking. When we adopted him as a retired breeder at age 1 1/2, he was already too large to fit in our cat carrier. (The breeder had hoped to raise kittens with his gorgeous classic
blue tabby coat; unfortunately, his coloring is recessive --- all kittens he sired were white.) Later, as a full grown cat at age 4, he was 22 lb., a normal size for healthy Maine Coon cats.

Now at 13 1/2 years old, he weighs only 13 lbs -- a literal bag of bones. Lab work says he is a healthy cat, yet he keeps losing weight even though he is eating. The vet suspects that his kidneys are failing.

He now fits in the cat carrier. Which he likes to sit in now and then, in lieu of a good cardboard box.

Bearcat, just over one year ago at 18 lbs.


  1. LOVE your cat! Those greys - ink and watercolor go together so well!

  2. Bearcat is one-of-a-kind --- best cat I've ever known.


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