20 May 2016

a fallen jewel

Hummingbirds are the hardest bird to draw from life --- they just move too fast! The bird drawings in my previous post were sketched from a couple of field guides.

Unfortunately, this sketch was sketched from 'life'. Bill found this dead hummingbird in his woodshop. We aren't sure why it died.

The colors are iridescent green or black, depending on how the light hits it -- very hard for me to depict in watercolor! This is a female black-chinned hummer; the black chin or hood appears only on the males.


  1. That's so sad! But what an honor to hold one of these amazing creatures in your hand and sketch her. Both spreads from yesterday and today are beautiful. I think you did a wonderful job capturing her feathers.

    I also like your faith thoughts on yesterdays pages.

  2. She was such a delicate little thing. A bit awe-inspiring to know God sees and cares when each one falls.

  3. Very awe-inspiring. And that He created SO many beautiful, amazing creatures in the first place.


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