19 May 2016

our hummers, always hungry!

Since we switched from the red-dyed hummingbird feed that is easiest to find in stores to an all natural kind without added coloring, hummers keep coming in droves. Often we will be dive-bombed when we go out to our patio or our back door! Especially when the feeders are near-empty! They know where we live and are sure to tell us to refill.

Recently I purchased several ink samples from Goulet Pens, trying to find a water-soluble brown that would bleed in a subtle way when touched with a bit of water or watercolor. I have decided on the J. Herbin Lie de The because it was not only subtle, but it also gave a bit of an antique feel to sketches. I came close to choosing De Atramentis Tobacco brown ink but it smells! Why anyone would think ink needs to have an added fragrance (this one is scented like tobacco -- yuk!), I do not understand.

Mostly ours are the smaller ruby-throated and black-chinned variety, but sometimes we see the larger broad-tailed hummers as well. Sadly, today Bill found one of the wee birds dead in his woodshop. Not sure what happened -- I will sketch it later today.


  1. Your hummingbirds are so lovely! It must have been nice to have hummingbirds coming...! Adorable small creatures...

  2. They are amazing __and quite arrogant__ little creatures!

  3. I had to laugh about your hummingbirds. A couple summers ago, ours arrived about a week early and I had not put the feeder out yet. One day I looked up from the kitchen counter and saw one of the hummers hovering in front of the window, looking in at me, as if she was telling me to get a move on, she was hungry! I believe we've had the same three (two females and one male) visit, and she was wondering why the feeder wasn't in the same place where she remembered it. Needless to say, I did get a move on and mixed up a batch of nectar tout de suite!

  4. LOL -- that sounds like the hummer that bobs up and down peeking in one of our windows, the same window Bearcat is looking out of! They tease the cat unmercifully.

  5. That's funny! Poor Bearcat!


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