12 January 2015

yesterday's lunch and a gift

Continuing the Artist's Journal Workshop challenge, #11 was to draw my lunch ___we took granddaughter Mikala to Los Cucos___ and #12, the last gift I received. I ate a stuffed avocado filled with chicken and cheese, with a bowl of soup and a hot cup of tea. Afterwards, we introduced Mikala to fried ice cream!

The last gift I received was homemade strawberry jam, a small platter, and a loaf of cranberry nut bread. The bread was eaten rather quickly . . . 

We have been staying with Mikala in Houston while her parents took an anniversary trip. The only watercolor I had with me is this small Expeditionary palette. The colors have not been updated for quite some time and I forgot what was in it, though I write initials of each pigment on the bottom of the pans. I did a quick sketch to remind me what the colors are.


  1. My eyes are drawn to that fried ice cream and to the teapot in your last post. Great work. Hope you're getting in some good grandparent spoiling. Wilma and I just had our first grandchild three months ago. They sure pull at your heart.

  2. That fried ice cream WAS yummy, though it had caramel sauce instead of my favorite chocolate. We took half our meals home in boxes to save room for it.

    And yes, grandchild-time is awesome! When we were in Kansas, we saw some of them (we have 5) once or twice a year. Now we see them at school functions, earning tai quando belts, going to movies, random shopping, at rodeos and county fairs, or just coming to see us out here in the country. Congratulations to you and Wilma!


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