24 January 2015

a random doodle day

Sometimes I have a day of randomness, where my sketchbook becomes a collector of unrelated bits throughout the day. Such was the case last Sunday on this two-page spread . . .


  1. Could you please share your color choices for both the limited and regular palette kits illustrated here? Thanks

  2. Sure I will . . . But I often switch out a couple of the regular palette colors.

    1st row, L to R:
    quinacridone red, perylene maroon, pyrrol scarlet, permanent orange, quinacridone gold, hansa yellow medium, and phthalo green (all Daniel Smith except the green is American Journey)
    2nd row: cerrulean blue, phthalo blue, ultramarine blue, goethite, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and my own mixed gray (ultramarine blue and burnt umber in the same pan, stirred together with a toothpick) -- goethite from Daniel Smith, the rest American Journey.
    Sometimes I switch something out to leave space for buff titanium or indanthrene blue. The orange and green are for mixes only.

    The limited palette:
    quin. red, hansa yellow medium, cerulean blue chromium, burnt sienna
    quin burnt scarlet, quin. gold, indanthrene blue, and burnt umber.


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